Wednesday, November 9, 2011
November "Beau Jardin" Anatomy of a Layout

By: Robin Shelin

Hey everyone!!

This month it's my turn to do the anatomy! Yay!!! I thought and thought about what to do, because when I saw that fabulous, sequined blingy blue vine I knew exactly the picture I wanted to use with it!! I wanted something artsy, kinda funky!! This is what I came up with!

I used an old Martha Stewart punch, my trusty rusty edge distresser, black ink, Denim and Indian Corn Glimmer Mist and that FABULOUS chicken wire mask, which I LOVE to pieces!!! I distressed the white paper here with the distresser and glued it onto a piece of black cardstock.

I didn't get the cardstock add on because I wasn't quick enough (Savages!!) So I used a piece of paper that I had that was close in color, and punched all the way around it. Then I glued it on top of the white paper.

Then I laid the mask down on the lined paper we got in the kit and misted with the Denim Glimmer Mist. Then I misted over it with the Indian Corn. After the mist was right, I punched all the way around it.

When I punched the paper, I punched it , then punched over it again in random spots. I wanted it messy and torn up looking.

Then I glued that paper on top of the red one. The misting caused the paper to warp really bad, so I used a lot of Zip Dry glue and used a brayer to get it flat. I kinda lifted up the punched edges a little to get a more textured look.

Ok, that takes care of the background!! Now, on to the embelishments...

I had fun with the rub-ons!!! First I rubbed the small tower on a piece of transparency paper. If you look a the flowers on yours, you will see that they are green. Although pretty, not the color I needed. So, after I rubbed it, I colored the flowers with the Indian Corn Glimmer mist. I used a very small paint brush, let it set a few minuted then dabbed it off randomly with a q-tip, still leaving color on and around the flowers. Then I scanned it into my computer and printed it out 8x10 on transparency paper. Did it twice so I could get more flowers. I also scanned the phrase and the butterflies so I could print them out bigger. Here you see the original small rubs and the larger scans.

Here are the flowers I used and that fabulous sequined vine!!! I changed the color of the butterflies in photo shop. The original ones were green.. Again, pretty, but not the color I needed. I used some glossy accents and Diamond Dust on the wings to get them sparkly like the vine.

The shoes in this pic are the shoes my niece wore on her wedding day last July. I thought they were so awesome that I had to get this pic! Her sister in law is a scrapper, and she is the one who put the bling on them!!


Becky Dunham said...

Absolutely gorgeous Angelica! Thanks for doing the step by step - I love this look but would have no idea how to achieve it :)

Pendra said...

Wow, this is gorgeous! I have purchased a whole lot of sprays and masks and just haven't worked up the courage to try this yet... so I just can't thank you enough for the step by step!!


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