Sunday, November 27, 2011
The trunk smelled of mildew and dust
As I opened the latches covered with rust
So many memories lie there asleep,
A long, lacey dress and dried rose bouquet
Placed lovingly there from my wedding day
Still dance with aroma in thoughts I keep.

A photograph book now yellowed with age
Brings smiles as I fumble through each precious page
And tears for the loved ones now gone,
How often I wonder what Mother would say
If she were alive and could see me today
I close the book slowly and sadly look on.

Bronzed baby shoes from when I was small
Newspaper clippings I vaguely recall
And trinkets from years quickly passed
Fill that old trunk I treasure so dear
It holds my whole life, my childhood so near
And each day henceforth until it's my last.

This gorgeous layout from Kathi takes us back to a day when little girls kept the things they loved most in a trunk under the bad. The sepia toned photo is a modern day version of that old vision, it is Kathi's granddaughter Madison kneeling on top of that old trunk (valise) and the photo is stunning. So Kathi has created the perfect frame in her scrapping for the photo. She has carried on the theme of old lace with her wonderful punching and distressing. She brings the feeling of old antique doilies with paper and ink. Superb!! There is a touch of stitching with pearls and pearl flourishes,just like you would find on an old lacy garment. The addition of tea roses and a few ornate pieces just brings this whole beautiful layout together. Just beautiful Kathi, we really love this one!!


Peggy Giovanetti said...

@Kathi: WTG, this is stunning!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely amazing.. Great work..

cvanholstein said...

great work with the flowers!
kind regards, Corina


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