Saturday, September 26, 2015
Hello savages! Angelica here today for your Saturday tutorial. I love to layer. And with layering you always need different textures to show the difference in depth. So, today I'm going to share some tips on distressing your paper edges. Now, most of you already know how to do this. Or may wonder how's it done. Also, let's think about the newbies. They may be petrified at the thought of tearing their pretty paper. I know I was!! Here is a photo of the ways I distress my papers. If you layer these on top of each other it's a recipe for success!

1. The Perfectly Punched Edge
I think it's safe to day we all have at least one border punch in our stash. It's easy to use and comes in lots of pretty designs. Just line up the designs and punch. This one here is my all time fav!

2. The Random Punch
Oh yes, this is the one you use when you accidently punch incorrectly. LOL! Or if you just prefer this look! Either way it's a win! Just take your paper and punch punch punch. No lining up!

3. The Lightly Distressed Edge
Cut an uneven wavy line on your paper. Wet a paint brush or q-tip with water and paint the edges. While wet you can easily fold the edges  for small tears.

4. The Distressed Edge
For this edge I use the Tim Holz distresser. You just run it across the edge your paper .

5. The Heavily Distressed Edge
This is for the heavy distressing that has deep tears. Good for peeking flowers or lace. I used the Prima distress tool. First I run the paper along the side distresser. Then have at it with the metal piece.

 I hope this inspires you to tear your papers for added layers!


Merrihew said...

Thanks for this wonderful tips, Angelica!

UTs Hobby Time said...

Nice tip on distressed edges.

talkis23 said...

wow good Tips. TFs


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