Saturday, December 13, 2014
Hi =) Today I have a tutorial for you. Hope you want to join in and follow all my pictures... It´s several of them =). First a photo of the finnished canvas...

It´s a bit of winter as well as of christmas.

My camvas is 6x6 canvas... so it´s quite a small one. I first start to measure on my canvas and mark with a pen so the square is in the middle. Then I cut out the square in the canvas with a  scalpel. After that is done I put a layer og gesso on it and dry it.

Then it´s time to do some more measuring on the back of the canvas. I measure how wide and deep  the hole on the back is, so I can make a small box. On my canvas it was 3 inch wide and 1 inch deep.

Then I cut out a square that is 5 inch. mark 1 inch from each side and cut in like it shows in the picture. Now it´s time to glue the box.

The other side of the paper is dark blue and that is the color I want to be shown in front so I fold my box and glue the ends, so I get I box like the one below....

Now i glue the angel and some flowers and leaves in the box.. like this =)

Time to go back to the canvas...

I spray some Lindys mist allover the canvas and use my heater to dry it.

Then I take a stencil and modelling paste on it... and use my heater again ;)

When it has dried I take my needle and some blue thread and sew around the hole to frame it.

Now I put my little box i the hole and use tape to put it in place. I only had masking tape at home, but I will change that to a better tape that is more sticky. So if you feel you want to try this tutorial... use a better tape ;)

Now it´s time to decorate the front of the canvas. For that I use a piece of chipboard on which I put a coat of white gesso on. Then i put some clear gesso on the birds and leaves... 

Here the clear gesso works as a glue for the micro beads. When I have put the micro beads on I use anoteher thin coat of clear gesso on them.

I don´t want the branch to be white so I put a coat of Inklings on it.

When this is done... I can glue down all my embellishments.

The last touches are made with gold paint... some splashes here and there.

Thanks for taking your time!


Peggy Giovanetti said...

Thanks for coming up with this and even more for sharing!!!!!

Rae said...

So beautiful! Great tutorial!

Merrihew said...

Such a beautiful canvas, Maja! Thanks for the tutorial!

Paulien van den Bosch said...

This is so Awesome. It would be great to give as a gift. Love it. Thank you so much for the tutorial Maja!

barbara macaskill said...

I am an Angel addict and I absolutely love this beautiful piece!! Thank you for the tutorial!!


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