Saturday, September 10, 2011
Welcome to our SwirlyHues kick-off party!!!!
We are off-the-hook excited this morning to bring to you our newest Swirlydoos creation, SwirlyHues!!!! 
We love all of the color challenges out there and wanted to create one of our own with a Swirlydoos twist!  We are going to mix it up a bit so fasten your seatbelts!  Each month the hosting Swirlydoos Designer will decide if you get to work with 3 colors or, shades of one and we go monochromatic!  We have some of the best tutorials on the planet and decided that to truly make this a Swirlydoos event you will need to choose one of our tutorials and use that on your page.  Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezie!
For our inaugural challenge we have a moooost have prize for you!!!!!!  Prize info is at the bottom of the post. J
Here is our first challenge storyboard!

The Rules:
1)      Must stick to the hues provided.  You may add black or white, but it can NOT be more than 5% of your total page and can NOT be a main element.
2)      You must use the sketch provided.
3)      Now for the Swirly-fying element – you MUST use one of our tutorials on your page.  Here is a LINK to our tutorials.  You can choose anything your beautiful, creative heart desires.
4)      Create a post on your blog for your SwirlyHues entry.
5)      Upload your gorgeous creation to the SwirlyHues album in our gallery no later than midnight eastern time on October 10th.  Click HERE to get there.  You will need to register to upload photos.  It's free! Use the following format to name your item: SH Sept 2011 (insert your project name here).  Your photos can be no larger than 600x600.  In the description please tell us what tutorial you used and a link to your blog post.
6)      2 winners will be chosen; 1st and 2nd place.  Each winner will receive one of our highly coveted blog badges (see the right-side bar).  Winners will be posted to the Swirlydoos blog on the 13th of the month (unless otherwise noted), as well as our Facebook page.  Check back here to see your name and then contact me, LisaV, at  I will make sure you get your blog badge and then I’ll add you to our blog for the month! Superstahhhhhh *strike a pose*
7)      The next challenge will be uploaded to our blog on October 10th!
For our inaugural kick-off party we're giving away, in addition to our smokin’ blog badge, a Trish Ladouceur Class Kit from the Swirlydoos exclusive class she taught at CHA in Chicago to our 1st place winner!  A $67.00 Value!!!!!!!! 

That’s it for the rules now go get creative and have FUN!!!!

**Inspiration photo from The Creative Mint


Peggy said...

Love these colors, love the twist, and ladies, that is one awesome kit!!!!!
I'm looking forward to playing along and (even more) to seeing what all of you do with this challenge!!!!!

L. Akins said...

Interesting challenge! I can't wait to see how everyone interpret the sketch and colors.

Ddcdragonfly said...

Pretty sketch and colors. Great inspiration. Off to find some time to play! Thanks for making this happen ... The challenge I mean ... Can you arrange the time too?

Erin Smetak said...

What an awesome concept! I LOVE IT! And totally motivating! I'll definitely be participating!!! Thanks for creating this!!

Manda_K said...

LOVING this!!!

Sandi Clarkson said...

Sounds like lots of fun!

Jennie Atkinson said...

Wow! Great colours. I wasn't thinking to take part at all, but now ..........

Thank you everyone for all your inspiration - I spend alot of time on the site, just loving everyone's work!

Unknown said...

This looks so fun, can't wait to play....

Jennifer Snyder said...

Smmmmmmokin fun. gotta dig through the papers.

Pat said...

Love the color combo & the twist!!! Awesome!

phamil said...

Oh Krissy, this is awesome!!! Great timing and great idea! And what a gorgeous sketch and love the palette too!!! And the prize....gotta have it! LOL! This is just AWESOME!!!! Thank you!!!!

Thelma Findlay said...

Wow - love the challenge!
And looking forward to see what each month unravels!

LisiB said...

What a wonderful, breathtaking price! I am truly impressed!

Rhonda Van Ginkel said...

Ooo this is incredibly beautiful! I'm loving every single bit of this!!! I am so swamped right now but I might have to find time to play on this one!!!

Lisa said...

This is an awesome idea!!! Can't wait to play!!

Unknown said...

Love this challenge - and the prizes!! I'm done with mine and it will be uploaded in just a bit :)

Cherished said...

Love this Challenge.


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