Monday, April 18, 2016
Hey Savages, Kim here. Today we are sharing a new feature on the blog. Once a month, we will be highlighting our members scrappy (happy) places. 

If you are anything like me, I love looking a scrap spaces. I love looking at how people organize their supplies. I love to see how they decorate their space. I just love looking. 

Today we are starting at the top. We will be going inside the Swirly Goddess' scrappy place. That's right we, will be touring Krissy's (Ms. Swirlydoos) happy place. Trust me when I say these photos don't do it justice. I have seen it with my own 2 eye and it is a drool worthy place. 

So without further ado, we will share some photos and a Q&A. 

First up an overall view of her room.
Look at all that counter space, told you drool worthy. You can also see a fee of her wall organizational elements. 

Here is another full room view from a different angle.
Here you can see the 2 clip it ups. One is the full floor model, plus a rolling cart. 

How about the view on the other side.
See those built-in book cases, love those. Boy do they hold a BIG secret!! Love the wall organizer, see all the pretty flowers and mist on those.

Now on to the desk.
If you haven't seen this by now, you have got to be living under your pile of supplies. This is the Original Scrapbox E-Z View desk (the original version). This desk is the Cadillac of scrappy desks (they have just released an update version). You can see your supplies thru the top and it has lots of storage space. You can customize the height (desk or counter top). 

Now let's hear from Krissy on her room and organizational tips.

Q: When designing your room, did you have a theme in mind? Where did the inspiration for your overall design come from? 

For the first few years, I actually ran Swirlydoos kit club out of a tiny bedroom/office in my home. To say it was a cluster is an understatement. I decided to finish my basement with the idea of moving Swirlydoos down there. My studio needed to be spacious, and It HAD to be designed in a way that everything I needed would be easily accessible. It also needed to be a calming, relaxing, destination place for me. And above all else IT HAD TO HAVE GREAT STORAGE!! You all KNOW how much scrap crap can accumulate. Ya gotta have a place to put the crap!

Q: What's your favorite thing about having a dedicated space to scrap/craft?

Well, to be perfectly honest with you people... and I feel that I CAN be perfectly honest here, because  you all "GET IT"  The best thing about having my dedicated scrappy studio is that I can absolutely DESTROY that room... then I can walk out, shut the door and no one ever has to LOOK AT IT! LOLOL!!!!  Likewise, I can escape to my room, shut myself in, and lock the rest of the world OUT. 

Q: What's your favorite piece of furniture or organizational piece in your space?

By far, my favorite piece of furniture is my EZ View Desk from the makers of the Original ScrapBox. They were so generous as to send me this desk to demo for them, (how my amazing friends who set this up managed to keep it a secret , i'll never know!)  The desk has incredible storage space for all the tools I use most, and the acrylic top allows me to see all my paints laid out right underneath my project. The only problem with the EZ View Desk, is that when i'm working, I can't really view what's under the glass, and have to physically pull out the drawers, which really isn't a problem. Its a worthy investment if you're a die hard scrapper. It's a really well built piece of furniture, and it looks fabulous in any space i've ever seen it in.

My favorite organizational set up is the wall of counters, cabinets, drawers and shelves. This is my work horse. I can keep SO MUCH STUFF back there. All my "go to" tools and supplies that don't fit in the desk are right behind me in those built-ins. The counter is just over 9' long, and solid granite, which is fabulous for taking the abuse I can dish out!

Q: How is your room set up? By the way you craft, by color or by manufacturer?

My room is probably more set up by the way I craft. I like to keep 'like items' together, or i'll never find them. I keep mists on a large spice rack on the wall, all my fabulous swirly kits go on the Clip-It-Up, papers go on the paper rack, etc... otherwise i'd never find anything around here.

Q: Does your overall design work for you? If not, what would you change? 

The design works. Unfortunately clutter still tends to build up on me, but that's not a design flaw - thats a 'me' flaw, lol!  We knew when we designed the room that lighting would be an issue, only because it's underground. I designed the room with the intention of hanging the signature Swirlydoos black chandelier over the desk in the center of the room. I still haven't gotten around to buying one of those...   The light we put in that spot was just a cheap temporary fixture. Although there are can lights throughout the room, the lighting won't be excellent until the chandelier goes in.

One other thing I never thought of was power outlets! I have them ALL OVER THE PLACE on the walls, but what would have been super helpful, would have been to have one in the floor right where the desk is so that I don't have cords from the light running across the floor to the walls. Ya'll know me... I'm not the most graceful person on the planet. This is a safety hazard in MY world lol!

Q: What is your best design tip for someone just designing their space? 

Design a workable space that you can be YOU in. Your space should reflect your passions, your likes, and your interests. Spend time in your space before you finalize your design. Walk through it in your mind, imagine yourself working in it and moving around in it. Draw it out on paper over and over and over until you come up with something that will work for exactly who YOU are. Oh, and when your beautiful new room is complete?  PUT A LOCK ON THE DOOR!  Those darn kids and animals will get in there and swipe only your best stuff! Hahaha!

Q: What else would you like to share about your scrap/craft space?

My space is open to the public! If you're ever in town (or want to be) I'd love to have you over for some scrappy fun! We can even make up some margaritas with the new margarita machine we put in!

If you want your scrappy (happy) space highlighted please email me at We would love to see where you create.

If you’re ready to start getting perfectly coordinated, top of the line scrapbook kits delivered to your door, please visit us at Mention my name (Kim) when you subscribe and you’ll receive 10% off your first kit, AND a coupon good for 30% off your entire purchase in the store!



MichelleB said...

love it:)

Merrihew said...

It is such a beautiful scrappy place! I would never want to leave!

Linda Pekrul said...

Love, love, love! The wall color is SO pretty! I wouldn't want to leave this room!!

Papercrafting Princess said...

WOW, What a wonderful organized space!

Peggy Giovanetti said...

Beautiful, beautiful and sooooo functional!!!!


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