Sunday, July 10, 2011

If you haven't seen this LO, read the incredible story that Maggi tells us.
*********************************************************** ******************

Photo of my Mom in Verdun, France taken in 1953. She is standing in the doorway of the house we lived in. I have to change the journal as I didn't get all my facts quite right, but it will read:

1953 Verdun, France – Dad had already gone to his duty station in Verdun, so you had to fly to France with a baby, Margaret, and Craig, almost 5 at the time. The plane was struck by lightening and caught fire so the plane made an emergency landing in Newfoundland. By that time, you must have been scared out of your mind and wondering why on earth you were traveling to this foreign land.

But there you were, in France, living in a house with a bullet holes from WWII in the front door. Our french landlady & her son had hidden in a cabinet in the kitchen when the Germans forced their way into her home. Fortunately they didn’t look there and she was ok.

You and Dad lived on the French economy and with the grace that you’ve had all your life, you accepted the situation and set about learning to speak French. You and our landlady, Madam Gaillard, sat with the French/English dictionary and learned to communicate. By the time we came home from France, you were speaking fluent French.

*********************************************************** ******************
This LO is just amazing in fine detail. The doorway scene, blended from paper and photo is incredible. The lamp post, the flowers, the title. All scrapped with love. We don't know what else to say Maggi, except, you have created a stunning LO. And thank you so much for sharing the intimate history behind the photo. That just makes it more the sweetest!!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful story and layout!

Shona said...

this is amazing Maggi ....wtg girl congrats :)

mow180 said...

You have created a masterpiece!

Scraps of Elegance said...

Outstanding Maggi.

Bonnie aka Cinnabon said...

what a story! this layout is stunning, and I really love all the details on it! I love how you did the title. Congrats!

Lizzyc said...

this is amazing.. i love the story behind it too, makes this even more precious..

Catherine SIWCZAK said...

This is an amazing layout ! The colours are wonderful and there are so many details !!!

Lisa said...

Wow this is just incredible!!! From the story to the love you put in making this. Congrats girl!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow this is amazing and what a beautiful piece of work! It's so feminine and delicate and soft. So many wonderful details to look at here! Awesome job!


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