Tuesday, July 27, 2010
We found SOOOOOOOOOO many things we LOVED at the show!!! And it's only day one! Here are some of the eye catchers for you...

Street Lace, by DCWV

New Prima Flowers



Parisian Anthology!!!!!!!!!



Oh, you just KNOW right?

Bonnie at the Tim H Booth doing a very cool Make n' Take

A little Steampunk Goodness?


Hey LOOK! I gave Caroline at ZVA a few ideas  a while back and guess what? They made my ideas into reality! Check out these pearl/rhinestones that I suggested! I think we HAVE to have these in a kit - just out of principal! LOL!!!!

And - unfortunately, I must end my first CHA Chicago blog post on a very sad note. This morning while I was attending the show- we lost a very dear and beloved member of our family. Codi has been battling diabetes for over a year now. It has taken a rough toll on her little body. After losing an eye a couple of weeks ago, today she lost her life. I miss you baby doll.


Angelica said...

Woohooo Krissy!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT ALL..ALL MOOOST HAVES!!

Congrats on the Zva making!! I see two of my pages peeking there...lol!!!

I'm so sorry for your dear lost :(

Darien said...

Krissy, I'm sorry about your dog, So sad =(

Awesome findings!!!!! And I see the pages of Angelica!!! Awesome photos!!!!

LISA said...

oh... Cody...`I am so sorry Krissy...Hugs to you and the family.

Manda_K said...

Krissy, so sorry about Codi. :(

I do see lots of MOOST HAVES!! :p If Clearsnap is there, give them a hug for me!

Unknown said...

Krissy, words cannot express how terribly sorry and sad I am about your loss{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}

Unknown said...

Krissy, words cannot express how terribly sorry I am about your loss. {{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}

Cheerios626 said...

WOW! Such great stuff you are posting about!! All these new lines are WONDERFUL!! Sorry about your loss though, I have been through a similar situation a month ago. (HUGS) and keep injoying CHA!

Sandi Clarkson said...

Krissy, what a great first day report .. scrap-wise. So sorry about Cody .. it's hard to loose our fur-babies! Hang in there!

Lisa aka Raining said...

Oh Krissy sooooo sorry about Codi. (hugs to you)

Love everything you have posted there! Can't wait and I spy a **grin**

Tina said...

Awww...so SORRY sweetie! xoxoxoxoxo

There some GORGEOUS findings!!!!

Wish I could be there!!! Have a wonderful time!!!

Unknown said...

poor baby. I am sorry, Krissy.

LisiB said...

I am sorry for your loss, Krissy. I know you will miss your little baby.

I am very excited to see all the goodies in the kits to come!

Stéphanie said...

Oh ! I'm sorry for Codi. My dog also died a few weeks ago.

There some GORGEOUS findings!!!!

Peggy said...

Krissy, I'm so sorry about Codi {{{HUGS}}} for you and your family...

Ms. Jen said...

Ahh Krissy, I'm so sorry. That just breaks my heart.

Thanks for posting all the wonderful shots of CHA and again I'm sorry for your loss!

Hugs - Jen

Kimc said...

I love the new DCWV and Prima Flowers.

Very sorry to hear about your dog. It's hard to say goodbye to dear friends. RIP Codi.

Jennifer Snyder said...

Krissy, I am heartsick about Codi and I am so sure your family is. Till you meet again.......

I love the Petaloo vines (Brandy new and uber-licious Petaloo pretty much describes them).
And I am adoring the ZVA crystals. Gosh - loving them.

Lisa aka Raining said...

Love the Petaloo and Glitz! Those are my moost haves!!!!

Unknown said...

lovin' those TH boxes and looking forward to the class with Irene! The 7g drawers look awesome!

Deb said...

Aw I'm so sorry about your dog! *hugs*


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