Friday, June 18, 2010
Here is a tutorial I did a few weeks ago. Thought I'd share it here...............

Distressed Rose Tutorial

Here is the steps I took to make the large rose on my last lo. This is very close to the Coffee Filter Roses Tutorial that Lisa (StarSailorScrapper) did, over at Swirlydoos.

Here is what you will need
You will have 19 hearts. You can use diecuts, stencils I used my Cricut.
5 - 2'      4 - 1 1/2'      4 - 1 1/4'     6 - 1'   HEARTS.  You can change the sizes to make smaller roses, add more or less depending on the fullness you want. For this rose, I used the exact sizes above.
Now begin distressing the edges of your hearts. I used my Zutter, but you could use other distress tools or scissors. Carefully run the edges through the Zutter.
You have your distressed hearts.
Now make a straight cut down the center of the heart at it's peak.
Where you cut, rough up your straight edge slightly using you scissors.

Next gather all your hearts, according to size and punch them now. Do not punch them before you distress them. During the process of distressing, the holes are more likely to tear. Punch them all together, so that the holes all line up.

Next ink your edges with distress ink.

Start layering your  hearts on the brad. Inked side down, starting with 4 small hearts, inked side facing down. When you have the 4 small ones on, start adding all the other hearts smallest to biggest size. Set aside 2 of your 1' hearts.

Here's what you will have when your done.

Now start shaping your rose.

You'll have something like this, when your finished.
Now take your 2 lonely hearts you set aside, and curl them together to fill out your center.

Add a little drop of glue, then you will want to snip the bottom off.

Add the small piece you just made, to the center of the rose. Once your done getting the layers to look close to what you want, spray your whole rose with glimmermist. After your mist dries a bit, you can continue to arrange your petals. When your done this is what you will have.

Depending on the weight of the cardstock you decide to use, it will appear different. I used heavier weight cardstock and this rose appears to be thicker and more bulky looking, then the peach rose I just did on my last lo. That cardstock was thinner, and gives it a different look. Using the Zutter will also add to it's thickness.

I hope you try this, you will be amazed with the results. It may looked complicated, but it's really not at all!!
Have fun creating roses for your pages and projects:)


Angelica said...

Totally love this tut!! I can't wait to get my zutter so I can give it a try!! Thanks Tina!!

FawnKreations said...

Awesome!! I really like the final product. You did a great job! Thanks for the tutorial. =)


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