Sunday, January 1, 2012
All You Need Is Love

Love will make you stronger
Make homes happier
the past forgotten
and the future worth living for...

Happy New year everyone...We have a fresh new start! And with that, there is Hope...

To start the new year, we were struck by the journaling on Nadia's beautiful LO. With just a change of a few words, the meaning rings so true. We will leave some of the past today, we will look forward to what the future will bring us in the coming year. Some of us will let go, and that's OK...
The beautiful layering and punching on this LO makes the page very sweet. So delicate. The birds and the butterflies are placed so delicately going in both directions and the flower spray is perfection!! But the star of the show is the sweet photo. I would like to share with you some of Nadia's thought which were very moving. She said,
"As my children grow up, and as they move on from me and don't need me as much {sigh!}, this is what I hope my children KNOW and BELIEVE. I wish they never had to got to school ..or move away or whatever. For me, there will never come a day when I will be happy when they are away from me, or will never consider my self content and " free" when they are otherwise occupied in life. But alas, I am smarter than that and I know that healthy and well adjusted kids need their mums to cut the umbilical cord at some point. I have to let them go when all I want to do is love them and protect them. And I might suffocate them with love ..I do..I wont deny that, but like my mum always says " no one ever died from too much love" .

Our wish is that everyone in Swirlyville Love More, and dont harbor anger. Love always wins in the end...
Have a Peaceful New Year...

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EFI said...

Happy new year!!!! Huge congratulations Nadia with your gorgeous layout and thank you so much for your wonderful inspiration!!!! I love every single detail in your creations and i admire your work!

cvanholstein said...

What a beauty!
kind regards, Corina

Lynne Forsythe said...



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