Sunday, July 24, 2016
Hello All,

I loved this layout as soon as I saw it! The distressed frame stands out beautifully from the spotty and stripy background papers. Lovely ribbon detail, flower cluster and crystal swirl. And love what Ann has done to her photo, that is so cute!!

Congrats  Ann, a beautiful layout!

Saturday, July 23, 2016
Happy Saturday everyone!

It's  time for a tutorial!
I decided that as it was my first design team tutorial with you all today that I would go back to basics and share with you what I like doing with my layouts but also concentrating on those beautiful papers that we get in our kits and making them the main feature rather then the embellishments all the time.

So its all about layers, punching, inking  and creating a beautiful frame for any photo. This one is very feminine, but this equally works for a masculine page too - maybe I'll have to do one of those in the future!

This is a Snapguide tutorial, follow the link below to view.

Please come and check us out at, visit our scrapbook store at, and If you’re ready to start getting perfectly coordinated, top of the line scrapbook kits delivered to your door, please visit us at Be sure to mention my name (Ginny) when you subscribe and you’ll receive 10% off your first kit, AND a coupon good for 30% off your entire purchase in the store!”

Happy crafting!
Have a lovely day!

Ginny   :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2016
Hey Savages, Kim here. I am back with the July Edition of our Scrappy (happy) Space Spotlight. 

If you are anything like me, I love looking a scrap spaces. I love looking at how people organize their supplies. I love to see how they decorate their space. I just love looking. 

Today we have Swirly Savage former DT Coordinator Rae Moses (Rae). Rae has just added some new storage pieces to her space and is eager to show it off. 

So without further ado, we will share some photos and a Q&A.

Q: When designing your room, did you have a theme in mind? Where did the inspiration for your overall design come from?

I didn't have a theme in mind, I just wanted to make sure that my space was functional and had enough space and storage for all of my stuff. It's been a process to figure out how to utilize the room that I have. I am a VERY messy person, and it can get out of control if I don't have a spot for everything, or if it's inconvenient to put away. The way my room is now is very functional and very easy to keep clean with a little bit of discipline. 

Q: What's your favorite thing about having a dedicated space to scrap/craft?

I feel so lucky to have a space that's just mine! I don't have to worry about cleaning up my projects in progress to make way for dinner, or whatever. I can just close the door!

Q: What's your favorite piece of furniture or organizational piece in your space?

I love all of my furniture, but I guess I would have to say my large Clip it Up. It holds my packaged flowers (Prima and Petaloo, at least), and I can organize them by color, collection, and type, and easily see what I have. 

Q: How is your room set up? By the way you craft, by color or by manufacturer?

Firstly, my room is set up by the way I craft. What I use the most, is closest to my desk, mostly. What I use the least is further away from the desk, like punches, and finished projects/albums. All of my papers, and most everything else is divided by manufacturer.. Everything Prima gets it's own special spot for the most part. Cardstock is sorted by color. All of the mists and paints are also arranged by manufacturer, but then organized by color. Once I open a pack of flowers, they go into glass canisters arranged by color. 

Q: Does your overall design work for you? If not, what would you change?

This design works for me right now, mostly. I'd like to have a sink in the room, because they downstairs bathroom usually has a jar of brushes soaking, and stencils wrapped paper towels. It would be nice to have a space to contain my mixed media clean up! 

Q: What is your best design tip for someone just designing their space?

Get rid of what you aren't using before you start planning out what you will need. Think about what you like to buy a lot of, and make sure you allow for your stash to grow. Think about what you use the most, and try to work your design of your room so that you have what you love close by. 

Q: What else would you like to share about your scrap/craft space?

I have two workspaces set up, so if any of my scrappy pals want to come visit, we can scrap together. (But, bring your own supplies.) :)

When you first walk in to my room, the first thing you see are my punches. These rods are from IKEA. I love them because I can see all of my punches, all of the time. They are out of the way, and very easy to put back. 

There is a lot packed into this tiny space by the closet. The clip it up sits on cubes from Michaels. In those cubes I have random stuff in there- mostly cheap acrylic paints, plastic packaging, and other products I don't use very frequently. 

The clip it up houses my embellishments that I get from the jewelry sections at craft stores on the top, and chipboard is on the bottom rack.

I have an INSANE amount of Blue Fern Studios chipboard from when I was on the design team, and we didn't receive those in packaging, so it's loose. I have that collection separated in 12X12 Iris containers so I can see it an not damage the delicate pieces. Those containers go on the tall skinny bookshelf that I got from IKEA. 

The rest of the Iris containers on this shelf are for my Prima collections. Of course, Prima makes a lot of stuff to go with their paper lines, so I like to keep the collections by themselves. Each container is labeled. 

The Scrapbox is an amazing piece of furniture, and it houses a good amount of my supplies. 

There's room for all of my paper, divided by manufacturer. Cardstock by color on the skinny left shelves. 

The paper packs on a shelf below the table. (Not shown.)

The side doors of the Scrapbox hold a lot of stuff. Here mare my Stickles, Liquid Pearls, and some microbeads. 

A majority of my embellishments that aren't flowers and chipboard are stored here, labeled. The fabric drawers come with the Scrapbox, but I have replaced some of them with acrylic containers because they handle heavier stuff well. 

Labeling these drawers forces me to put things back where they belong!

​Storing paints and stuff in these fabric drawers is difficult because they are not sturdy. So, I bought 12x12 cake pans, and they fit perfectly and can hold the weight.

I store my open resins and metal embellishments in these organizers I purchased from Amazon.

I try to divide them up so I can see exactly what I have at a quick glance.

My next piece of furniture is my EZ View desk. This was my Valentine's/ birthday gift from my husband. I LOVE this desk! 

I got a great barstool from Costco for the desk too. 

On top, are my mats, Stella lights, and more organizers.

This carousel is from Michaels and it holds all of my pencils, brushes and small tools. The top has clips, and I usually put stuff on there I am using for whatever project I'm working on, or if I buy something new and just want to remember I have it so I use it. Can you see my chalk inks, nicely arranged in the desk drawer?

​This is a cute Kaisercraft ladder shelf, and it's perfect for adhesives, and I have me heat gun and Zutter on there- now they are always plugged in and within reach. 
(Notice the pastels and watercolor below!)

Here's a couple more shots of the top of the desk:

Next, is my out-of-control flower addiction. At least it's organized! In the drawers on the side of the EZ View desk are Kaisercraft, I Am Roses, and other random flowers. 

Here's my clip it up dedicated to my packaged Prima and Petaloo flowers:

Once I have opened a pack of flowers and used most of them, the stragglers go into these glass canisters I found at Target.

Tiny flowers are in the jars and in the wood box. Below that are some ribbon and trim on spools. 

Next to my flowers, are some Michaels cubes and mist storage. 

​The wall shelves are from IKEA. Below is a my photo printers and die cutters. 

Stencils and stamps are under the shelf. 

The Iris containers have Christmas, Halloween, and baby papers and embellishments. 

And, lastly, my completed projects shelf:

The top three shelves are just some of my favorite projects. The next two shelves are filled with layouts that need to be put in albums. (EEEEEK!)

We want to thank Rae for sharing her Scrappy (Happy) Place with us. It was so much fun looking at your room and reading your responses to our questions.

If you want your scrappy (happy) space highlighted please email me at We would love to see where you create.

If you’re ready to start getting perfectly coordinated, top of the line scrapbook kits delivered to your door, please visit us at Mention my name (Kim) when you subscribe and you’ll receive 10% off your first kit, AND a coupon good for 30% off your entire purchase in the store!

Monday, July 18, 2016
Happy Monday! Another reminder of our awesome challenges that are going on over at Swirlydoos.

Still going on is the SGC-Summertime
Here is the newest entry by our new dt member Ginny:

Here is an entry for the Round Robin Challenge:

Be sure to check back next week for new challenges. The July Sketch Challenge and All That Flutter Challenge will be ready to roll. Here is a little sneak for the All that Flutters Challenge.

Hi swirlies!

The LOTW this week goes to Kathi!

I love the soft pretty colours, all the layers inked up, and the different punch work throughout this beautiful layout! The little bit of subtle stencilling and the flower clusters finish this of a treat! And a very cute baby too!

Congrats Kathi!!

Saturday, July 16, 2016
Hi everyone! I have a tutorial to share on Snapguide on how to make this cute mini book.
You can find the tutorial here:
Tuesday, July 12, 2016
Hello friends! I'm back again with the July Challenge Highlights. We already had the Add-on sneak peeks so the kits should be shipping soon! Stayed tuned for the Sketch challenge and All That Flutters Challenge.

Still going strong is the SGC. Anything goes this is one of the entires by one of our subscribers. Gotta love those splats!

The other challenge we have going to the round robin challenge. Last week was the sign ups this week first round layouts were due.   Here are some layouts for inspirations.




Please check back next week for more challenge highlights.
Sunday, July 10, 2016
The layout of the Week this week goes to Hege Anita Meland for this stunning , fresh layout!
The fabulous background makes it look like the water is spraying out of the photo onto the page. The contrasting colours of the photo matting and the gorgeous flower cluster sets this page of a treat!

Congratulations Hege!!!!!!!   :)

Saturday, July 9, 2016
Hello, Swirly Girls!
Jan here with a tutorial to share with you today.

A while back I shared a never-ending card with you so today I am going to share a tutorial with you on how to make your own never-ending card. This is not my own creation but a card that I discovered on Pinterest. So, without further ado, here's the tutorial featuring Prima Salvage District papers.

This is a Design Team project I created for Swirlydoos Scrapbook Kit Club. If you’re ready to start getting perfectly coordinated, top of the line scrapbook kits delivered to your door, please visit us at Mention my name (Jan) when you subscribe and you’ll receive 10% off your first kit, AND a coupon good for 30% off your entire purchase in the store!

Monday, July 4, 2016
Happy 4th of July, Swirly Savages! We have a couple fun and exciting challenges this month to get your creative juices flowing! Then, once the July Kit reveals we will have the sketch challenge and the All the Flutter challenge. Sure to keep you busy during those lazy summer days!

First up is our SGC hosted this month by Hanne. This month is all about Summertime and Birthdays. Hanne's birthday was July 2nd so she incorporated birthdays in her challenge! Fun! You can find the challenge HERE.

Here is her example

Next up is the ever popular Round Robin challenge. Anything goes this month, just need to use those hoarded supplies! Easy right?! We are still taking sign can find that challenge HERE.

Sunday, July 3, 2016
The Layout of the Week this week goes to Hanne!
I loved the placement of the two photos in this layout, using two different photos but when layered together creating one photo. The use of the different embossing powders created an awesome effect on the chipboard pieces and with the pretty flower clusters set the photos off a treat!
Fabulous Layout!

                                                            Congrats Hanne!
Saturday, July 2, 2016
Happy Saturday Savages, Kim here. Today I have a Saturday Tutorial for Swirlydoos.
This tutorial is a step by step on how I used the rust paste to alter some embellishments.

I used the Rust Paste we got the May tech/project kit, along with the Prima molds and clay we got in the April tech/project kit.

This is a Design Team project/video I created for Swirlydoos Scrapbook Kit Club. If you’re ready to start getting perfectly coordinated, top of the line scrapbook kits delivered to your door, please visit us at Mention my name (Kim) when you subscribe and you’ll receive 10% off your first kit, AND a coupon good for 30% off your entire purchase in the store!




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