Saturday, March 15, 2014
This card was made, using the Beautiful *Salutations* kit.

and some close ups:

and here's how it came together

For the base of this card I cut 2 strips of cardstock, which were 6.5# high and 12 long. I glued 2 of the ends together, so that I was able to create a BIG card. After I folded it, it meassured 6.6 x 6.5 I will put the glued line in the front, cause it is going to be covered with paper.

I cut a piece of PP at 6.2 x 6.4. Distressed the edges.

I cut a little strip off this note card and.....

glued my paper and strip to the base card. Like so.

Then from another notecard I teared a little piece off. The one that is marked, I'm going to use.

I glued the little piece behind the black, distressed, notecard.

I glued a piece of lace over the bottom of the notecard, using 3 in 1 Craft Glue, (Krissy has these in the BOUTIQUE)

I selected 3 tags, from the bunch we got in the kit, and placed them like this.

I glued some of the gorgeous red trim (we call that très trim) just above the lace and then a strip of that amazing bling, to cover the line between the lace and red trim.


This beautiful red trim, raffles very quickly and to prevent that you have to snip of the raffles all you have to do is, add a dot of glue (I used hot glue) press it down on a non-stck craft mat and after it cooled down..................

you can easily cut it. This way you won't waste any of the trim .

I also folded a figure 8, or bow from the red trim

And glued it at the right side of my card. Topped it of with a piece of bling from the kit. I flipped the backside up. Then I added 1 of the Prima wood icon frames....

and some of the, love,love,lovely Petaloo flowers.

For the finishing touch I added some Liquid Pearls, (at the right top and left bottom) that came in last month's kit.

I had so much fun playing with this GORGEOUS *Salutations* kit... I could go on making lots and lots of cards.


Peggy said...

Love all the layers and gorgeous trims, Paulien!!!
Thanks so much for the tutorial!!!

Sue Kendrick said...

Paulien, I love your tutorials. It really helps to see how you do it, step by step. Thank you for sharing your expertise with us.


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