Friday, April 1, 2011
Happy Friday and Happy Fools Day for all of you pranksters out there!

This week everyone has been busy getting in their submissions for our monthly challenges.  All of them are closed and the voting has begun!  Good luck to all who participated.  Here is this week's summary:
  • iPads for Autism - We are soooooooooo close to getting a third iPad.  Just a few more dollars and we've done it!  Can you help us?  Thanks to all who have already brought so much joy to 2 children!
  • Our first EVER DT Challenge went up yesterday.  DT members were given pictures of another DT's family member to scrap. We had to alter the photo and use it at least twice.  The savages have to vote on their favorite page.  The twist is that they don't know who did what!!  Fun!  Click HERE to go to the challange.
  • Our next round of SGC Challenges kick off today.  Camilla and Joelle are hosting the challenges.  I can't wait to see what they have up their sleeves.
  • Our subscribers know that Krissy opens up special orders on product like Dusty Attic.  If you have never experienced Swirly Savagery then you must check out that post.  BUT, I'll give you this warning....come with body armor! LOL  It's all good fun. 
  • Our Subsribers also started receiving their kit packages in the mail.  I think that is probably the only day of the week that the post man or the UPS driver get hugs and kisses.  Everyone is oooooh-ing and aahhhhhh-ing over the lovely things in their boxes this week.  Ok, I'll admit it; I've been petting my lovelies too!
  • All of this brings us to "A savage was heard saying".  This is something new I will be adding to our Friday News.  This will be a comment that was made by one of our savages.  It could be something funny, or it could be very heartwarming.  This week's comment comes from the Dusty Attic Special Order thread in our Subscriber's section.  Erica was thinking that she would need to start hiding all of the DA pieces she was buying so that her DH wouldn't begin to question how much she was spending.  She thought that putting them in her underwear drawer would be the way to go.  Our dear Peggy replied with "Silly Erica!!!! You put CAKE in your underwear; the DA goes into the vault!!!!   All Swirly girls know what she means by CAKE!!  LOL
Have a great weekend!!!!
Creatively yours,
Lisa XO


Shona said...

hehe we are a fun bunch arent we :) weeeeeeee :)

Peggy said...

What??????? That sweet thing??? She would NEVER say something like that, LOL!!!!!!!!

BTW, the DT Challenge entries are drop-dead gorgeous, aren't they!!!!

Shelly said...

I'll vouch for her, she would never say anything so ....scandalously that. ;)


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