Monday, June 4, 2012
Silver City Ghost Town is listed on dozens of film location scout websites as well as with The California Film Commission, The Los Angeles and The Kern County Film Commission. It has been the site of numerous film and video shoots since 1990 including use by Warner Chappell Music, A & E, The History Channel's This Week in History and a Nissan commercial. It has also been utilized for dozens of other still photo projects, independent film shoots and student films. Silver City has captured the essence and serenity of the best of the historic mining camps in the Kern Valley in a non-commercial museum like setting.
Many believe that Silver City is haunted by spirits from that past and the site is listed in the “National Directory of Haunted Places”. Which brings to mind the question: Since most of the buildings were moved to the present site over a quarter of a century ago, did the ghost's move with the buildings or move in because it looked like home? Corlew, once a doubting Thomas, heard many stories over the years of poltergeist activity. But it was only after seven years of working on the site that he had his first conclusive sighting. “When you and two other people (all sober!) see a heavy miners lunch pail fly twelve feet across a room unaided you become a believer real quick”, says Corlew. Others have reported bottles floating in the air and doors and windows opening and closing by themselves.
The infamous violin hanging in front of the general store sometimes seems to move by itself and many have heard the strings pluck as they walk by, according to Corlew. Reporter Kurt Rivera from Bakersfield’s Channel 17 News (TV) station called Silver City “The most haunted site in Kern County” after he and his television crew spent an eerie night in The Apalatea/Burlando house a few years back.

Now this is the way your trips should be scrapped!!! Hanne, did an awesome job depicting what looks like a trip to Silver City in California. Double page layouts are always fun when there is so much to see!! Hanne used multiple photo's in her layout to show the some fascinating places in the haunted town. She also used some souvenirs from the historic ghost town on her layout.. Awesome way to preserve a memory. Love the burlap that adds to the feel of the old west. It brings the whole layout together!! Great job Hanne!! makes us want to visit and maybe do some Ghost hunting of our own in Silver City!! Tell us a little about this layout!! We would love to know!!


Teresa Clinton said...

Love the use of burlap.. Great job

karolin43 said...

Page designed stunning!
Combination of materials, their deployment
Vintage style, much happiness and wealth, and light
I really liked the page


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