Friday, March 25, 2011
Happy F-R-I-D-A-Y!!!!!!!!

OMGoodness, is it just me or has this week been a drag?  I am so happy to be within spittin' distance of Saturday so that I can roll around in all of the glorious yummy-ness that is the Swirlydoos April kit.   Reveal day for the April kit is closer than you think and you are in for a serious treat.

Quick update....we have raised enough money to buy 2...that's right 2 iPads for Autism!!!!  YAY!  We are close to buying our 3rd and just need a little more and we'll be there.  If you can find a way, we would really appreciate your support and donation. 

OK, so what has been going on with our savages this week?
  • Well, our very own Irene Tan posted her first video tutorial!  Can you believe it?  I couldn't.  I mean, this is Irene we are talking about here.  As you can imagine the video is smokin' hot and I loooooooove her flowers.  Hop on over to our tutorials section and check out her video.  You can click HERE to go see it. 
  • Our SGC (Swirly Girl Challenges) for this month are winding down and you really have to see the entries.  I may be bias, but I doubt it, because we really have the most creative bunch of artists there are.  Really, it's true.  I wouldn't lie to you; cross my heart.
  • Our on-going monthly challenges are winding down as well.  Our monthly Kit Sketch Challenge and Angelica's Butterfly challenge have produced some of the most outstanding entries I've seen around.  It seems like month after month our savages bring it!  They step up to the plate and then kick it up a notch and top themselves every month.  Good stuff!!!
  • Our monthly Round Robin challenge IS the best Round Robin to be found anywhere.  Every one pushes their own level of creativity and raises the bar for the next person on their team.  If you are looking to grow in your craft this is without a doubt the place to be.  Sign-ups are going on right now for April so head on over and sign up.
  • We now have a new and separate section dedicated to the Anatomy of a Page.  Each month a member of the Design Team with take you through their creative process.  
  • Our lay out of the week is by our own Mandy H.  All I can say is wow.  Mandy is one incredibly talented artist.  You HAVE to check out her page.  Congratulations Mandy!!!
  • Our scrapbook question of the week was posted by one of our savages.  Here is her question:  Do you start with the picture or the paper?  Head on over and let us know what you do.
I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!!

Creatively yours,
Lisa XO


Shona said...

I love the Friday updates :)

Krissy said...

Thanks for the fab updates Lisa!

Peggy said...

Love, love, love Irene's video!!!! And I'm so glad that we'll be getting lots more. They're so easy to follow...


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